A brief biography


in the mid-90s, discovering the wonderful world of music trackers

A large part of my formative years, the late mid-90s to early 2000, were spent playing in a band. Electronic music wasn’t “cool” back then, it was associated largely with cheap-sounding air-headed dance music and because of that I never wanted it to be part of my identity. I spent my free time making music with music trackers and being part of the demoscene.

With the emerging experimental electronic sound following the release of Radiohead’s Kid A in 2000, using electronic elements became more commonplace. Even though my main focus still was acoustic music, I completed a bachelor’s degree in Music Technology at NTNU, so programming music was still part of my DNA.

After that, I had become tired of music altogether. The whole music scene had left me weary, so I went on to start working with design and animation. For almost ten years, I stopped playing and producing (with a few exceptions) until around 2012 where I decided to rekindle my old passion.

Much had happened since I was active, and luckily technology had made everything more accessible. I discovered Reaper, which really spoke to me. After some experimenting I decided I was ready to share my music again, and so Limbic Void was born.

Photo of Limbic Void

Photo by Mikke Walle.